Group/Corporate Training


reservations are available for clients who are looking for high quality courses at a discounted price. We are proud to serve groups of all sizes regardless. So whether you need training to prepare for school, renew a certification, or to train your team in the latest resuscitation guidelines we have a session to meet your needs!

As a business we completely understand the challenges of balancing productivity, training your staff, and reducing costs. This is why we work with you to schedule training on a timeline that works best for you. Our courses are direct and to the point so your time isn’t wasted. In addition, we offer discounted group rates making training your team more affordable than ever!


As a small business, we truly understand what it means to operate on a budget. Let’s face it, CPR certification can be costly especially in larger groups. That is why we do everything in our power to keep our prices low. In fact, the larger the reserved class size the more cost effective it is per student. Prices below include ALL materials required to attend including the course specific Provider Manual.

Heatlhcare CPR

Retail Price = $50/Student plus $22 manual

Group of 5-6 = $50/Student + $5 Manual = Save 24%

Group of 7-12 = $50/Student  + Free Manual = SAVE 31%

Group of 13 + = $45/StudentFree Manual = SAVE 38%

Retail Price = $170/Student plus $39 manual

Group of 5-6 = $131/Student + $39 manual = SAVE 19%

Group of 7-12 = $111/Student + $39 manualSAVE 28%

Group of 13 + = $96/Student  + $39 manualSAVE 35%

Retail Price = $120/Student plus $39 manual

Group of 5-6 = $71/Student + $39 manual SAVE 31%

Group of 7-12+ = $61/Student + $39 manualSAVE 37%

Retail Price: $75/Student plus $5 manual

Group of 5-6 = $55/Student  + ($5 manual) = Save 25%

Group of 7-12 = $50/Student + ($5 manual) = Save 31%

Group of 13 + = $45/Student + ($5 manual) = Save 38%

No matter the location, your group training will be held to the highest of standards of resuscitation training; the American Heart Association. Our complete line of courses are available to you both in the traditional classroom and Heartcode Online/Blended Learning Options:

  • –Basic Life Support
  • –Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
  • –Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Renewal
  • –Heartsaver First Aid/CPR/AED

To support your needs, we are happy to conduct training at a location of your choosing even if it isn’t at one of our training sites. We travel throughout Volusia, Seminole, Orange,and Brevard Counties.

West Volusia CPR, LLC is proud to offer American Heart Association courses to groups of all sizes and backgrounds.

It doesn’t matter your industry or sector. Whether you are a government entity, school, church, hospital, clinic, office, or other group/organization, we are available to provide training in any of our American Heart Association courses. Regardless of the location, you can expect a quality training experience that will prepare you for real world situations.

Take a look below at some of the companies we have partnered with to train their employees and clients!

Blended Learning is a combination of online learning with in-person skills validation. It is the MORE CONVENIENT option but it is better suited for experienced providers.
If you chose "Your Location" above, please include the city of the training.